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Purchasing for Your IT Department Just Got Easier with Our Exclusive Customer Portal

Gavin Keddy

Gavin Keddy

Account Manager - Customer Portal Team at Example IT Limited

One Place. One Team. Zero Stress.

The IT world has always been fast-paced, the challenges we have all faced and the speed to adopt these in the past 18 months have highlighted the importance of reducing costs, saving time, and getting the best service level possible. Spending has increased with the need for remote working, which in turn has meant the need for budget changes has played a massive role in how companies continue with their heads above water.

With this in mind, we have our very own Customer Portal, where our customers can quickly access products, stock levels whilst still receiving the highest level of service. This has resulted in assisting with time management for our customers with constant communication key to ensuring a smooth process end to end.

Once inside our portal you will receive your special pricing instead of standard, meaning you don’t have to search around and can obtain real-time pricing with an extremely quick order process. We have strong relationships with many vendors such as HPLenovoFujitsuMicrosoft; to constantly ensure value with real-time stock. We can also accommodate bringing special builds and vendor discounts within the portal along with adding other value-added services.

“The Customer Portal has made my  life a lot easier. All I need to do is login, find what I need and see my real time price and order it and its with me the next day, a few days job is turned into 10 minutes.”  – IT Manager, Customer Portal User

You are in control.

Inside your portal, you are in control. Register for an account and apply for credit. Once approved you are able to add users and set spending limits – making it easier to manage your internal department’s budget. Search over 100,000 products with our innovative search engine.  Select specific products and compare by using our special comparison tool – allowing you to compare as many as 8 products at a time. 

Something that has always been a nightmare is ordering from different companies, and keeping an eye on the orders, the tracking, it’s a pain. It really is. With us you can view your order history, check the tracking number and full details, and to top it off we offer free next-day business day delivery. If there is anything you need to be shipped at a later date, we can offer partial delivery and for anything that is out of stock, we can send it once it is in. We can also hold stock as well. Saving time is crucial as I have mentioned, and this is something that is embedded all over the portal.

I will be bringing further blogs around the areas of the Customer Portal which make us stand out and improve service levels. What the last year has taught us all is how much interaction means to us, I believe at some stage we all have taken this for granted, and therefore I am really proud and excited to lead the way with our Customer Portal. In the meantime, to learn more about the portal or to open an account feel free to contact me today to help get you started. 

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