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Minimise cost. Maximise return.

During the digital era, it’s clear that technology is the foundation of success. But tech alone isn’t enough to take your organisation to the next level. Even the greatest systems require strong, continuous, and ongoing support if they’re going to drive you to success.

That’s why we offer a dedicated Lifecycle Management service, helping you to squeeze the most value from your systems and really maximise return on investment through guided support across all five essential stages of the typical tech lifecycle:


Building any strong technology framework begins with selecting the right tools; a task that’s often easier said than done! At Example IT, we partner with a diverse range of global leaders in technology, ensuring we’re always able to deliver solutions that meet your needs exactly.


Finding the right tools is one thing… deploying these tools is quite another! Our deployment experts work on-site to ensure your new systems are being introduced seamlessly across all relevant sites, tackling issues before they arise, and making sure that your own team has the skills needed to use the new solutions with confidence.


Great solutions don’t manage themselves. It’s vital to ensure that your technology is being managed effectively and efficiently, and that best practices are being implemented that enables users to get the most from the technology they use. We’re here to handle all this for you, helping to lower usage costs and maximise returns.


Maintaining the value of your investments, is essential for your organisation’s wellbeing. Our smart care solutions can enhance your existing warranty or extend warranty which has passed from the vendor. Our team of experts can short- or long-term warranty solutions so your business can make the most of your investment.


Not only is technology constantly changing, but so are your needs, and the needs of your users. Tech solutions aren’t designed to last forever, and when it does come time for you to update your legacy systems to new solutions, we’re here to support you, helping you to identify new technologies and migrate your data quickly and securely.

Reduce Complexity. Minimise Costs.

Overall, our lifecycle management service helps to reduce complexity and minimise costs while simultaneously boosting the IT capabilities of your employees and business.

Our team works alongside you to understand your technology restraints, budget restrictions, and any business objectives to ensure that your entire tech journey, right through from selecting technology to ITAD, is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We’re here every step of the way, supporting you and your business to grow and develop.

Our service enables you to reduce complexity, reduce cost and improve the IT service level to the business.

Our team will continuously work with you to understand technology restraint, budget restrictions and any business objectives to ensure when you start the first step on choosing the technology through to ITAD, we are all with you throughout and supporting your business.

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