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Global IT delivered where you need it most

Delivering a high-quality service during times of increased pressure and high demand is getting progressively more challenging. If you can’t quickly resolve IT issues when they arise, no matter where in the world that may be, the detrimental effects on your business can be far reaching with productivity disruption and downtime both likely to impact on your bottom line.

Example IT’s Global Infrastructure Smart Care Service is designed on elements to make IT work, worldwide.  Whether your office is located in the UAE, EMEA or USA, our comprehensive, on-demand global solutions provide immediate and comprehensive support. Currently operational in over 90 countries, you’ll get priority access to our vast resource of engineers and parts, exactly when you need them.

Benefits of our Global IT Maintenance

When you’re working across time zones, or have team members who are, you can’t afford for language barriers and parts delays to bring your business to a grinding halt. We reduce complexity and increase convenience with a tried-and-tested, pre-defined service level- to keep IT working, worldwide.

Reduce Risks & Costs

One of the biggest causes of financial and performance loss in business is IT disruption and downtime, whether in the datacentre, the network, or end-user devices. Our focus is our customers and we work around the clock to ensure that when issues do arise, we’re able to react quickly  to minimise risk and reduce cost.

Our Smart Care Service offers a proactive approach, by utilising technology already owned and driving savings by offering support on legacy equipment. This way, not only do you have a full-functional workplace, but you can keep costs down and profits up.


Improve Business Performance

See your business performance skyrocket. Our team works tirelessly to ensure your infrastructure does not waver and performs to the highest standards at all times. With fully flexible contracts and customisable service level agreements, receive a personalised plan specific to your business.


Maintain End of Warranty or Legacy Products

Maintaining the value of your investments, applications, and systems is essential for your organisation’s wellbeing. Our experts offer short vendor roadmaps and quick solutions with fast support on legacy products to minimise business downtime and offer pragmatic solutions. Get great results quickly, every time.

Why choose Example IT?

  • Expert Level 3 & 4 engineers
  • Customisable service level agreements to suit your organisation’s unique needs
  • Multiple vendor support
  • Flexible short-term contracts
  • 24-7 “follow-the-sun” support model
  • Large global parts inventory
  • Available in 90+ countries
  • Always driving best practice

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