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Datacentre Security from Example IT

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Datacentre Security from Example IT

Threats to your business-critical data and applications are always present and forever changing thanks to the huge amounts of data processed worldwide every day in a rapidly evolving online landscape. Being aware of such risks and having strong lines of defence in place ensures your data remains safe, intact and confidential.

Our datascentre security solutions guarantee the security of your data, ensuring your intellectual property and information assets are safe at all times. All of our datacentre security solutions are carefully tailored to your business and carefully consider the type and quantity of data that your process. We work with some of the industry’s top providers to offer  comprehensive and unwavering protection.

Data Security Audits

Our comprehensive security audits evaluate your IT infrastructure defences and the current protocols you have in place to protect the data you handle. Our security experts assess those protocols against established criteria to determine how well your business is protected, along with identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Data Vulnerability Scanning

As systems and applications are constantly evolving, new vulnerabilities continue to emerge and present new challenges. We combat this, and retain the highest levels of security, by running regular vulnerability assessments to pinpoint where weaknesses exist.

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests, otherwise known as pen tests, go one step beyond security audits and vulnerability scans. They check your systems for vulnerabilities that could be exploited under a cybersecurity attack. This acts as a simulated attack and covers all potential areas of access, including testing your internal and external infrastructure, cloud services, and all web and mobile applications used by your organisation.

Detection & Response

Alongside evaluating your current security measures, we also continually monitor your systems for potential breaches, detecting and responding to any threats quickly to ensure a timely managed response. This is particularly useful for organisations which lack the time or resources for in-house detection and response. We are able to monitor and manage one or more of the following security systems:

  • IPS & Firewall
  • Cloud Security
  • Network Security

Data Storage Solutions

We also provide data storage solutions for when any vulnerabilities are identified, helping to ensure your company’s reputation, finances, and information remain intact. Our experts work alongside you to create a tailored security solution inclusive of all data and devices.

Application Protection

It is common for businesses to roll out new applications, helping to ensure you stay ahead of the competition. For this reason, any new applications will need to be rolled out quickly and efficiently, but security is also vital. New web applications hold the biggest risks when it comes to cyber-attacks and data breaches. We ensure relevant security protocols are in place and run tests to ensure any new web applications are protected, allowing you to optimise your business while keeping your data intact.

Identity & Access Management Solutions

Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems are central to managing which digital identities have access to specific applications, systems, and data. Example IT provides comprehensive IAM solutions across multiple platforms and systems so you can trust the identities of the users.

Secure Remote Access

Today, more and more businesses require employees or members of the wider corporate network to have system access from remote locations. This requires greater flexibility in your organisation’s infrastructure, which brings with it increased risk and security threats. We can work with you to ensure all remote access remains secure while ensuring your business can flourish in the more flexible and mobile working practices which are widespread today.

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