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Converged Infrastructure

Working with our team, we can help you design and build a converged Infrastructure. Working with you to enhance skill sets in your team and develop the solution that is fit for purpose to enable your business to achieve the desired outcome and future goals. converged infrastructure is typically comprised of components from a single vendor. We work with multiple vendors to offer solutions to fit around your requirement

The advantages of Converged Infrastructure is:

  • Greater compatibility: Helps minimize or even eliminate hardware and software compatibility issues.
  • Cost savings: Converged infrastructure saves money on data center provisioning, deployment, and management. Although currently many converged systems still require separate management tools for compute, networking and storage even if they come from the same manufacturer, IT teams are starting to configure and manage all the system resources through a single management interface.
  • Simplification: Streamlines data center management because it eliminates the need for IT to have expertise in products from multiple vendors.

What is hyper-converged infrastructure?

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) combines common datacenter hardware using locally attached storage resources with intelligent software to create flexible building blocks that replace legacy infrastructure consisting of separate servers, storage networks, and storage arrays. Benefits include lower TCO, increased performance, and greater productivity within IT teams.

HCI converges the entire datacenter stack, including compute, storage, storage networking, and virtualization. Complex and expensive legacy infrastructure is replaced by a platform running on turnkey, industry-standard servers that enable enterprises to start small and scale one node at a time. Software running on each server node distributes all operating functions across the cluster for superior performance and resilience

The benefits of moving from complex legacy infrastructure to the simplicity of hyperconvergence are many, but among the top reasons organizations make the switch are lower costs, improved, consistent performance, a smaller datacenter footprint, greater efficiency and productivity in IT teams

Turnkey Infrastructure

Integrated server, storage, networking and virtualization resources along with end-to-end systems management and operations management capabilities

Fast Deployment

Deploy infrastructure in minutes, so IT teams can elevate their focus to the applications and services powering the business.

100% Software-Driven

Supports a wide variety of different hardware platforms – including three of the four most popular server platforms in the world.

World-Class Platform

Each hyperconverged server (node), includes Intel-powered x86 hardware with flash-based SSDs and traditional HDDs, along with Nutanix software.

Superior Performance and Resilience

Nutanix hyperconverged software running on each node distributes all operating functions across the cluster.

Unprecedented Flexibility

A single cluster can have unlimited nodes, with node types having differing amounts of storage, CPU and memory resources, so you can run multiple workloads with maximum efficiency.

Business methodology to drive you forward

Working with Example IT, we use our business methodologies to enable to help drive your business requirements forward
  • Discover– Assess your current infrastructure, providing actionable intelligence.
  • Design– Develop a strategy based on that intelligence.
  • Supply– Provide you with the right equipment and software to enable the intelligent digital platform.
  • Implement– Provide a range of managed services for ongoing support, maintenance and running of the infrastructure.
  • Optimise– Packages of ongoing professional services to ensure proper planning and response for your business needs.





How does a composable infrastructure work?

We provide composable infrastructure solutions to provide the flexibility and agility a datacentre needs for data-intensive computing.  A composable infrastructure also supports I.T.’s move to become more flexible and increase the speed of deployments through DevOps and be more dynamic with Kubernetes and containers.

The I.T. department needs to become more flexible and agile with available resources and storage infrastructures are moving away from static, fixed resources to become an elastic cloud, orchestrated by, you guessed it, composable infrastructure.


How a business benefits using a Composable Infrastructure

Composable infrastructure doesn’t require a forklift upgrade.

Composable Infrastructure can be easily added to a current cluster and used for the expansion of that cluster. It’s a seamless way to get started and to see cost-savings from day one.

As the business asks for more digitization and more analytics workloads, you’ll be able to meet the requests without overrunning your budget.

Deploying applications in a composable datacentre will make it easier for IT to meet the needs of the business, while increasing speed to deployment and lowering infrastructure costs.

Efficient and seamlessly scalable operations will enable IT to respond quickly to the need for data-driven companies to reap the benefits of big data analytics, machine learning and IoT.

Once you experience the power and control provided by Composable Infrastructure, your static infrastructure will leave you feeling trapped in the past.

Mission Critical & High Performance Infrastructure

High-speed, resilient solutions that exceed the demands of today’s enterprises for digital transformation.

Accelerate Your Vital Workloads Using Missing Critical Systems

Modernise your applications and infrastructure and unlock the value of ever-growing data volumes. Whether you require a mission critical or high performance please utilise our team to enable to best solution for your business.

Server Infrastructure

Server infrastructure, comprised of CPUs, memory, storage and management tools, is the backbone of any organization’s data center. Ensure your servers can accommodate the increasing need to store, manage and analyze data.

Working with our team, we can help you design, build and develop your server infrastructure estate. We also work with multiple vendors to offer solutions to fit around your business objectives and help map the future of your infrastructure.

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