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Workplace Security

All organisations must recognise and mitigate against security risks – our workplace security solutions can help.

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Workplace Security

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. The reputation of your company and your data integrity is determined by the speed and accuracy of response, making workplace security a crucial consideration for your organisation, no matter your sector or the scale of your IT function. Prevention is often better than cure; and that means having strong and appropriate workplace security measures in place and functioning at optimal levels around the clock.

We make it our mission to ensure your security is as rigorous as possible, both in the office and in terms of any remote workers who plug into your network. We aid in the accuracy and speed of security management and provide specialist tools to ensure a strong line of defence against potential attacks, keeping your teams productive and business operational.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is the frontline of defence and secures endpoints from cybersecurity threats. Endpoint security has evolved from simple anti-virus software to comprehensive protection which now includes EDR, email security, VPN, disc encryption, and MDM. We can provide you with complete cover to offer the best defence against the threat of attack.

Firewall Services

We work closely with your organisation to understand your firewall needs, network and system topology, and security policies. A comprehensive analysis means our security experts can develop network security policies specifically for your organisation.

Cloud Security

We work to understand your business requirements and stored information in the cloud, and create and implement security principles to offer comprehensive cloud security.

Identity Protection

It isn’t just your data that needs to be protected, identity theft is also a real concern in the modern workforce, especially if you have any team members working remotely. We work with multiple specialist vendors to keep the identities of your team safe and secure, no matter their role or location.

Training Solutions & Compliance Management

In addition to having security measures in place, ensuring your team is also well-trained and understands associated risks is essential to maintaining a low threat level. We can deliver tailored training to employees and devise a compliance management strategy to ensure appropriate security policies are observed at all times to keep your workplace safe.

Identification & Reporting

Alongside providing top defence against hackers, phishers, identify thieves, and other online threats, we will also work to monitor your workplace security and identify issues as and when they arise. We can then work together to quickly and accurately diminish the threat, ensuring a secure and manageable working environment.

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